Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hi there! So to start off my name is Mandie and im 22 and as you probably know I am having underbite corrective jaw surgery. I thought it would be very beneficial for me and for other people getting jaw surgery to make a blog so that we could share similar experiences and relate to one another. Considering I'm pretty friggen nervous about it! lol. My surgery isnt 100 percent scheduled yet but I know that it will be before or just at the starting of next summer 2013. Which will be nice for timing because I'll be done school for the year! I really couldnt imagine going through the jaw surgery right in the middle of the school year and for those who have done it you are very brave! Anyways I wanted to post some photos of me at the moment so you can see what I look like before the surgery. I will continue to post photos every couple months because the orthodontist said my mouth will keep changing to its pre op position. Right now my bottom teeth are slanted backwards in order to compensate for my top jaw being deficient, so alot of people wont really notice I have an underbite because of this but in the photos you will be able to see that when I do a full big smile with teeth clenched you can see my bottom teeth are slanted at quite a degree. So the orthodontist said my teeth will have to change so that my bottom teeth are straight up instead of slanted back for the surgery. Which makes sense! Hopefully that made a bit of sense for you guys because explaining on here is ridiculous lol! Anyways hope my photos work and P.S dont mind my messy room!

OH btw like I said because my bottom teeth have slanted backwards you cant really tell that I have an underbite in some of the photos but it should be infront of my top teeth and will be soon. You can notice in some photos where my teeth are clenched together my underbite is more visible.

Especially here>>

Hopefully this gives you guys an idea of what I look like right now and the positioning of my jaw. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! :)